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The Michigan Paranormal Association (MPA) was established to allow experienced paranormal groups in Michigan to unite, creating a paranormal think-tank and allowing groups to assist each other with educating, training, experience, scheduling and manpower. The joining of the individual paranormal groups allows each group the experience and assistance of all members to better serve the public and advance in the field of paranormal research.
This association was also designed to help all member groups to share knowledge, theories, and promotions and to allow individual groups to join together to schedule larger historic investigations that would be out of reach for a single smaller group.
The M.P.A. will assist the public in finding a member group in their location to contact whenever needed.
All groups in the Michigan Paranormal Association offer their services to the public free of charge.
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All groups in the Michigan Paranormal Association follow all laws against trespassing, vandalism, littering and illegal drug usage.


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